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E&B is a family business founded in 1965 and our roots stem from the servicing of gas supply equipment.

We are a UK distributor for Spectron GmbH, manufacturers of the World’s most comprehensive range of gas supply products covering a diverse range of gas applications. However, we regard ourselves as more than just a distributor, we have consulted with the UK’s leading engineering houses for the design of major gas supply systems, been at the forefront of product innovation and continue to be a provider of engineering solutions in our own right.

We pride ourselves on the added value and service we can bring to a project and a clients’ business. Service and quality is our heritage and will remain so

New Acetylene Safety Guard ASG

Spectron and its worldwide partners consider innovation, quality and safety as the fundamental keys to its success hence the decision to design, develop and now proudly announce completion of the patented Spectron ‘ASG’ device.
The primary focus during the design of this new product was on the permanent monitoring of inlet and outlet pressures and on in improving the reaction times of the safety device. We managed to develop a compact device that both monitors and secures both the inlet and outlet pressures separately! The result of our intense development is the new Acetylene Safety Guard ASG.
The multiple functions of the ASG eliminates the need for a quick acting shut-off device in the inlet as well as an over-pressure device in the outlet (Relief valve). A vent line to safety is therefore not required so as to avoid the dangers associated with venting Acetylene to atmosphere and the need for risk analysis.